The Bible as a Reference

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When I write a blog, the majority of the time I’ll use scriptures from the Bible to support the information in it.  My blog page is called A Better Tomorrow, however I do not have a statement on it saying that it’s a Christian website.  I have access to so much information.  I have a bookshelf full of books dealing with everything from history to Wall Street.  I obviously have access to the Internet.  So why do I solely use the Bible to support my blogs?

As a Christian, I believe the Bible is the only reference book I need to use.  It’s the word of God; the words either come from him directly or through one of his prophets.  It is a spiritual book that shows us how to live life the right way.  It is a book of wisdom that we can apply to every aspect of our lives.

I could use scientific or intellectual knowledge to support my writing, but I believe that’s not enough for my readers.  I can write about facts all day but does that really help a person deal with the problems they’ll face on a daily basis?  Facts and intellectual knowledge are important but they don’t deal with the spiritual aspect of our lives.  They don’t deal with the issues that affect the soul.

That’s why I use the Bible to support what I write.  That’s why I’ll use a scripture like Proverbs 22:7 to talk about money.  That’s why I’ll use Hebrews 13:4 to talk about marriage instead of getting information about it from an article.  The Bible has all the information we need to live a successful life.  The only thing we have to do is apply it.

Published by J.C. Maine

I am a part-time author who lives in the wonderful state of Virginia. My desire is to entertain with the magic of storytelling, and to use my life experiences to improve the lives of other people.

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