Positive Outlook

Picture taken by Joshua McKnight from Pexels

Having a positive attitude is one of the hallmarks of being a good role model. People will want to come around us, listen to what we have to say, and follow our examples. Can you think of any good role models that are always in a bad mood? I can’t, but if someone you emulate is always in a bad mood, I would suggest that you look for a new one.

A positive attitude in a way shows people that we care about them. It’s extremely hard to have a positive attitude and hate people. People would not think of us negatively unless we gave them a reason to do so. In that case, if we don’t like being around them, but in turn desire to have a good attitude, then we have to change the way we think about them.

I know one of the things that prevents us from displaying a positive attitude is the mistrust of the people around us. We may have been betrayed by family members or past friends. In effect, that changed our perspective of them. A few bad experiences in a public place may have also created this negative effect. However, if the hallmark of a good role model is a positive attitude, this type of mistrustful thinking has to change. If we want to be treated with respect by the people we interact with, then we have to change our negative attitudes into positive ones.

Published by J.C. Maine

I am a part-time author who lives in the wonderful state of Virginia. My desire is to entertain with the magic of storytelling, and to use my life experiences to improve the lives of other people.

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