Checking In

A picture of me taken by me in Ocean City, Maryland

Hello everyone. I haven’t written a blog in awhile because I was busy finishing the first draft of my new book. I plan on selling the book hopefully before the year is over with. While I got the time, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts.

I realize I need to find more time to relax and have fun. I advise everyone that’s reading this to do so as well. A lot of us work almost every day without scheduling ourselves time for leisure. We save and accumulate money without truly enjoying it. When you old, you do not want to only have memories of working for money you barely spend. Like a wise woman once told me, after you die someone else will spend your hard earned money, while you’re rotting away in the grave.

Don’t let that happen to you. While it’s good to save money and to make sure your loved ones are taken care of after you die, you have to remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you desire to buy something you want, like a luxury handbag for example, by all means go ahead and treat yourself. If you’ve always wanted to go to a place like Las Vegas, make plans NOW to make that trip. Even with a pandemic going on, it is still important to go out there and enjoy your life. Just make sure you are being safe and courteous of others if you do so. With that being said, I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the summer. Take care! 🙂

Published by J.C. Maine

I am a retired veteran of the Virginia Army National Guard. I live in the wonderful state of Virginia. My desire is to use positive messages to improve the lives of other people.

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